Warehouse Management

In general, hospitals and companies in the health sector need to optimize the storage spaces of materials and, at the same time, they need to reduce expenses on the management of its stores.

Cogesa has a specialized line of work for the Warehouse Health Management where the hospital or center stops to waste time, space and human resources.

To undertake this service, Cogesa has 100,000 m3 logistics platform and performs a study on consumption and expenditures by the centers. Thus, the deficiencies are diagnosed and planning warehouse logistics service depending on the needs of each center is done.

For this reason, our customers can eliminate profitability leaks and costs overrun also, relieve their available spaces and to know their order status in real time, allocating the cost of the consumed products to patients or services.

Cogesa has technological solutions available developed ad hoc to ensure an agile management in order to keep health centers posted to know the status of their shipment or delivery.

The integral logistics service includes:

  • Logistics platform.

  • Order to different providers with which it has contracted.

  • Management of claim orders.

  • Reception and storage of goods and materials.

  • Replacement and daily supply of materials.

  • Plant and Services Warehouse Management.

  • Management of Transit products Replacement.

  • Perform returns of materials without rotation.

Technological Solutions

Cogesa has technological solutions developed ad hoc to guarantee an agile management, with which health centers can know at real time the consumption and real expenditure and the management of their warehouses.