Unidad de Gestión de Material Sanitario de Cogesa, Módulo para las estanterías inteligentes sanitarias.


The Health Material Management Unit represents an innovative concept in the area of hospital management. It is a solution designed for an efficient management of medical equipment, which maximizes storage space reducing costs.

It is designed for the warehouse stock management. This equipment is ideal for warehouses where there is a wide variety of products; valuable products or in constant rotation (as in the case of perishable products.)


  • Made of anodized aluminum and methacrylate
  • Total measures of 2000,1770,705 mm (Width x Height x Length)
  • Allowing to contain up to 153 configurable locations.
  • It has a touch screen PC that, via software application, interacts with the electronic device and is able send the movements records to a central server.
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