As experts in helping healthcare centers and companies to increase their efficiency, Cogesa develops 3 lines of consultancy:

Consultancy of Health Management

The Health Consulting is the service with which Cogesa began its course more than 20 years ago, becoming the only specialized Spanish company on helping hospitals and health centers to improve and optimize the effectiveness of the care quality for patients.

Cogesa carries out a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the management and the clinic operation to detect productivity and profitability leaks, and to identify areas where improvements can be implemented to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.

This area consists of a team of specialists with strong background in planning and improvement of public and private health organizations.

One of our key services is the Design and Development of Strategic Management Plan for Hospitals.

Consultancy Supplies and Purchasing

The area of Supplies and Purchasing of a health center is one of the main focal points and one of the most susceptible to be updated and improved.

For this reason, many hospitals and health centers have relied on Cogesa for hiring a Consultancy, enabling them to know in detail the current status of their purchases and what measures should be implemented to reduce costs without any detriment concerning the healthcare quality of patients.

It is precisely the opposite, Cogesa works with the key premise that health centers can significantly improve their quality service, reducing costs through rationalization and efficiency of processes.

The Supplies and Purchasing Consultancy integrates a complete analysis and diagnosis of human resources, for the spaces dedicated to storage, the current catalog of suppliers with which the center has supply contracts (price, delivery dates, returns, complaints …) Warehouse Operation Plant and Services, Transit product replacement Management … a complete and actual diagnosis of the protocol work in the area of Supplies and Purchasing and the recommendation of the action plan to follow for its optimization.


Since our inception we have contributed to professionally train the teams that manage hospitals and health centers which requires go in depth into management responsibilities in the health field (Head of Service, coordinators, managers …). From a practical approach we have designed Courses, Workshops and training sessions:

  • Course “Hospital Purchasing and Warehouse Management”
  • Course “Management of Hospital Hospitality”
  • Course “Introduction to General Services”
  • Course “Implementation of the Law on State Contracts: Purchasing Area”
  • Course “Negotiation with Suppliers”

Besides, the president and founder of COGESA, Ángel Puente, is part of the faculty staff meeting of several master’s degrees:

  • Master in Management of Health Services and Health Enterprises. Complutense University of Madrid
  • Master in Management and Planning Centers and Healthcare Services. CTO Business Excellence School.
  • Sales Management in Healthcare area and Health Logistics Management. University of Burgos and University of Valencia.
  • Sales Team. University of Barcelona.