Cogesa Purchasing Center allows hospitals and health centers to optimize their procurement process of materials, equipment and healthcare devices and also noticeable cost savings.

Cogesa has a large catalog of suppliers and it has negotiated special rates and service conditions, which have a direct effect on the centers that rely on us as Purchasing Center.

Our high purchase volume makes each center get unbeatable prices, and also avoiding all the buying process, ordering, storage and supply.

Cogesa performed steadily and current research work, prospecting and finding suppliers that meet the quality requirements that can guarantee us an excellent quality of service for our customers.

Thus, our clients conceive Cogesa as the only provider able to manage the whole integral process of procurement, with the corresponding time savings involved.

Integral Management

Storage and control stockages
Complaints and Incident Management
Returns of materials without rotation
Replacement and daily supply of materials
Plant Warehouse Management and Services
Management of Transit products Replacement

Single Source Provider

Cogesa has to its customers a single service provider for medical devices assuming the logistics of these and control consumption of health services centers.

The concept of single source provider is that through our purchasing center, we perform all orders to different suppliers and we can even store the material in our logistics platforms or plant stores and health center services, in deposit without paying until use.

Obviously this reduces not only the cost of materials that are managed through our Purchasing Center, as they significantly simplify all administrative processes.

The consumption made by our customers is reduced to a single purchase request to the Purchasing Center (single source provider), a single delivery order of the products, and only one receipt.