Courier Service

There are many customers who trust Cogesa Courier Service for the collection and delivery of documentation. Our service is distinguished by the personnel training that integrates this division, to perform procedures related to the documentation that they transport: a procedure in Social Security, Treasury, Post Office managements, make deposits or payments …

These services are always direct, conferring exclusive treatment for each client and performing it in the shortest time. In this way, our customers do not have to wait for all previous deliveries until their turn. In fact, each of our clients has a fixed team assigned, with the aim of it being a “implant” in their own personnel.

Cogesa has technological solutions available developed ad hoc to ensure an agile management in order to keep health centers posted to know the status of their shipment or delivery.

Technological Solutions

Cogesa has developed technological solutions ad hoc to ensure an agile management, in addition to health centers can know at real time the status of their delivery.