Archivo Historias Clínicas Cogesa


For  the Digitalization of Documents, Cogesa has its own efficient software that simplifies the task of having all sorted and classified information, increasing the accuracy of the searches, giving a fast and significantly response and reduces the effort to access to the required information. Our SIENNA application reduces the costs associated with search, administration and document files.

SIENNA has been developed to provide a quick and easy access to information while ensures the safety of allowing access only to those users who have rights to do so.

SIENNA has the versatility to integrate with any software, emphasizing the full use of HL7 Standard.

It also complies with ISO 19005, the use of advanced OCR systems and the inclusion of certified signature using software approved by the AEAT that aims to ensure reliable and legal reproduction. Also meets the technical regulation of Electronic Document Interoperability and e-Billing.